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Gomolava, Serbia

Tell of Gomolava; beside older periods Late Iron Age settlement on top. Gomolava is prehistoric archeological locality which is situated near Hrtkovci, not far away from Ruma, on the left shore of Sava river. It was settled during six millenniums and is one of the most famous localities in Europe. The multiperiod archeological site is the settlement with horizons of settlements in late Vinča period, eneolithic, early bronze and iron age. The first excavations were in 1904, and from 1953, there is systematic research till today. The dominant horizons are from early iron age. Houses contain a lot of ceramic stoves and pits show autochthonous material and italic import. In the foothill of Gomolave is big Roman necropolis. From XII to XV century there was the village necropolis and the church with the graveyard.

Gomolava, Serbia



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