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Sveštari/Sboryanovo, Bulgaria

The Sboryanovo Historical and Archeological Reserve is situated in the western part of the Ludogorsko Plateau along the banks of the Krapinets River, between the villages of Malak Porovets and Sveshtari, in the Isperih Adminstrative Region. It is a unique complex of age-old villages, sanctuaries, and necropolises. The site was declared an official historical-archeological reserve by Decision 19 of the Ministry Council taken on December 8, 1988. As of the present, the complex has registered more than 140 archeological sites from different historical eras. The most interesting of these are The Sveshtari Necropolis, the Islamic tomb of Demer Baba, a fortified Thracian city, the Thracian sanctuary Kamen Rid (Rocky Heights), and a Medieval village near the small settlement Byuven.The most noteworthy discovery in the complex is the Sveshtari Tomb, a Thracian king’s sanctuary and necropolis. It was unearthed in 1982 during excavations of Burial Mound №7 at the Sboryanova Eastern Necropolis Mound (The Ginina Necropolis). Built in the 3rd century BCE, it occupies a unique place in Thracian tomb architecture. Thanks to its remarkable architectural and aesthetic features, this site was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985.

Sveštari/Sboryanovo, Bulgaria

Historic Museum Isperih

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